The Journey Begins…

The purpose of life is a life of purpose – Robert Bryne

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Well, here we are! Hello! I’m giving a shy wave in the blogging world and taking the plunge in keeping a blog myself. I love reading other blogs and set myself the challenge of keeping a blog for myself, to look back on the start of married life, what the last year in my twenties will bring me and just a general ‘journal’ to look back on and hopefully pick up some like-minded readers along the way!

It feels a little like the first day on a new course, where you’re asked to introduce yourself and try and make yourself sound like a far more interesting person than you actually are – or that’s how I always feel when I hear other people’s introductions!

My name is Emma and I am a new member to the ‘married’ club, having married my best friend and soulmate, Jack back on 16th June this year. I shall not write down all of the gooey-ness that I feel for this man, but after eleven years together (and waiting patiently for nine years before he popped the question!), I can honestly say we know everything about one another, live a wonderful life together and there’s nothing really that I’d ever wish to change (lottery win would be nice, but I’d rather continue to have health, happiness and laughter).

I grew up in Cambridgeshire in a busy village and have always loved village life. Jack grew up just a few villages away from me and we met in our teens. We both moved to Berkshire back in 2013, for Jack’s job and have been here ever since. We bought our house almost four years ago in the beautiful countryside, right on the border with Oxfordshire and in a tiny sleepy village close to The Ridgeway. I love our quiet village; we don’t have any shops but have two lovely country pubs, a village pond and plenty of fantastic walks right on our doorstep.

I’m a self-employed bookkeeper and though it doesn’t sound very glamorous (and I hated maths at school), I love having my own business and my own clients and absolutely love the variety that brings to my working week. Granted, you have to be self-disciplined and a sort of wonder-woman to juggle multiple clients, multiple month ends, payrolls and spreadsheets, but I’ve always loved the challenge of being busy and my job certainly ensures that I’m never ever twiddling my thumbs! My job means I’m mostly home-based as I prefer to work for very small companies and start-ups where I feel I can offer help and support to get them up and running or improve processes they may already have in place; ever the organised person in both my working and personal life. Some clients I may only help out on an ad-hoc basis, even just once or twice per year, but all are wonderful and have made me feel appreciated and welcomed. I have one client where I have colleagues that I work in close proximity to which is lovely – and I’m quite sure that means I also talk their ears off at times in the office! That is due to the fact that I’m mostly home-based and though that can sometimes feel a little lonely, it’s also the perfect scenario for me as I have three furry work mascots to keep me company; my beautiful dogs Barry, Nigel and Dotty.


My dogs, I’m sure, will feature quite heavily on my blog and you will soon come to realise that I’m rather animal-mad (we also have two Indian Runner Ducks and a Hermanns Tortoise!). At times I have noticed when out and about with the dogs that they get far more toothy smiles and grins than I do and our own village pub is most distraught if we venture to the pub for a drink without bringing the dogs with us. I don’t take it personally, they are pretty good-looking dogs if I do say so myself! My aim however, is to separate the blog into sections where possible so that if you’re feeling an eye-roll coming on because “Emma has yet again posted about those furry blighters”, then you’ll be able to skim over this bit and head to a section that may (or may not) be of more interest to you.

Ever the optimist, I decided to set up a blog at 9pm on a Sunday night, as you do. It is now almost 11pm, I’ve done some tweaking, a lot of waffling and can hear the clock in my brain ticking away for bedtime as it’s the 1st of October tomorrow which means lots of work to get done. There’s also a new book sat by the bed waiting for me to open it, sniff the newness lovingly and snuggle into bed to read a chapter or two before my eyes refuse to stay open any longer. You will soon come to realise just how appropriate the name of my blog really is as I lack the part of the brain that tells you “it will wait until tomorrow” and instead I chose to always be doing a million things!

On that note, I bid you all a good night, a hello and nice to meet you again and will be back soon!